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Certificate in
Global Market Operations

IB Ops is FTS’s Flagship program through the classroom online delivery. Our accreditation on IB Ops is structured to impart a deep working knowledge about various functions.
Finance Course


         A pocket friendly, express program that covers essentials through classroom and online study. The difference between Professional in Global Market Operations (Investment Banking Operations) and Certificate in Global Market Operations program (CGMOP) is the number of products & processes being covered. 

         This is for students who are looking to finish quickly, and/or has affordability concern. These curriculum are carefully tailored to the job requirements, and no compromise is made on essentials in any way. We advise CGMOP in few cases where there is time & financial constraint, and then after getting placed they join PGMOP to further enhance their knowledge .


The curriculum is structured into sections. Each section is further divided into sub module for comprehensive approach.

What is business Skill?, Do we need to get a job?

   Business skills are those skills, which a person acquire over a period of time through personalized training or with experience. This helps in the delivery of a particularly assigned task as part of the job role.

     The importance of experience can’t be neglected in a job interview, as there is a significant training cost involved, plus risk of going with a fresher is more than a skilled resource. If you believe what many of the recruiters have to say about experienced resources getting hired, they would prefer to go with skilled freshers if they are out there, competing with experience resource. It is because skilled freshers are relatively low on cost but risk of hiring a unskilled resource are significantly negated.

     Read more at Business Skills curriculum on what are we covering as part of the program.

What are Soft Skills and why soft skills are essential to be part of any job ready curriculum?

     Soft Skill in literal sense means a personal attribute, which enables a person to interact with another person or a group of people in an effective manner. It is not however what we mean when it comes to its importance as a professional. Like there are business skills, there is always a need to communicate on what we do, or how and when we do something in a job role. This communication is not always verbal, it is many a time written and may carry different attributes than just plane business english. It could also mean, presenting certain facts and figures in a meaningful way, for example excel skills can significantly increase one’s ability to present a large amount of data, in a concise and easy to understand Management Information Spreadsheet.

     Read more at Soft Skills curriculum on what are we covering as part of the program.  

Key Highlights

Maximum Processes

Covers maximum processes from Middle & Back Office to improve hiring chances​

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures from Industry practitioner to share the insight and for Professional Networking

Dynamic Course Content

Dynamic Course Content, which is adjusted as per changes in the Industry Norms

All Process

KYC/AML, Client Onboarding, Trade Capture, Pre-matching / Confirmation, Settlements and Reconciliation

Dedicated Interview & Personality Development work-shop to transform professional as a Job Ready Resources

Practical Examples

Practical Examples to relate to actual jobs

Business Skills - Curriculum

Module 1 - BASICS

16 Hours

Investment Banking - Overview
Trade and its Cashflows
Market and types & Market Participants & Infrastructure
Asset Classes, Products and Instruments

Module 2 - PRODUCTS

42 Hours

Money Markets
Fixed Income & Structured Products
Mutual Funds & Hedge Funds

Module 3 - Process

28 Hours

Trade Life Cycle - Cash
Trade Life Cycle - Derivatives
Corporate Actions

Soft Skills - Curriculum

Soft Skills 40 Hours

From the Program Director

We are a team of corporate trainers, academicians, practitioners and consultants with over a decade year of experience each, united to work as a team to create a training platform to train the current workforce to remain competitive, graduates/post-graduates to kick start their careers, and undergraduates to get placed straight out of their college.


Neeraj Singh

Program Director


Certified in Global Market (Investment Banking) Operations Program (CGMOP) is a detailed course developed to help participants to acquire a deep subject knowledge as well as practical training. This course prepares for jobs in Investment Banking Operations at Global Banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan etc. This course is for every ambitious Professional, Graduate, MBA’s , To be CA’s who wants to excel in the Banking Industry.

You can call our team on the phone number provided on the ‘contact us’ page and we will be glad to guide you. Our enrollment process is quick and easy.

Yes, you can visit to the institute any day and sit in the live class as a demo.

Yes, its preferable that you complete one course and than enroll for another.

Our facilitators are experienced professionals from the Industry and have a network in various MNCs. HR/ Hiring Managers looks for our experts for their hiring needs. Based on the role and right fitment our team will refer the candidates to MNC’s for interviews.

You will know in-depth about Global Market Operations your thought process will be changed post attending the program. You will get the job or multiple offers at the earliest, based on your performance. This program will build self-confidence which will help you to crack interviews.

This course is  suitable for any Students/

Undergraduate/ Graduate / Post Graduate / Non-working professional who can spare time during weekdays and wishes to study for a career, post qualification. You can speak to our career counsellor in case of any further concern on your eligiblity criteria.

Our courses are designed based on years of research and expertise gained by our development team, strategically selecting only what is best for the individual to impart essential  knowledge & skills which would help them perform a particular job, and our certification parameters helps recruiters to gauge the candidate’s expertise which make it easier for them in selection process.

Yes, the material is provided online and you can access it anytime

“CGMOP” will help to land a job in MNC’s as a Fresher or as an experienced professional in

Investment Banking & Asset Management

Operations. MNC’s like Bank of America, HSBC, UBS, Wipro, Cognizant, HCL, Infosys, JP Morgan, Genpact, Barclays, State Street, Invesco, Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, BNY Mellon, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank…etc.

In-depth understanding of the topic along with the system access will be provided for easy reference. Market trends & practices will be shared to develop the knowledge and skill.

Our trainers comes from the industry, who either practiced the skills in real jobs or currently practicing. Our highly experienced coaches focus on every participant, provide experience  of the real world job, and enable learning at Minimum margin pricing.

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FTS always encourage learning for understanding and are concerned with developing their students’ critical-thinking, problem-solving skills, and problem-approach behaviours.


Good teachers are good learners as well. FTS trainers have learnt through your own reading, by listening to your students, by sharing your ideas which in turn reflects in the students’ achievements.